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At Pro Paralegal Support Services, we offer quality services for attorneys all over California at reasonable prices. For busy sole attorneys who need assistance to propound or respond to discovery, or for firms who want to make efficient use of their staff and outsource tedious tasks such as reviewing comprehensive medical records; our experienced staff has the professional tools and experience necessary to help with all your needs. Call today to get in touch with our staff and to learn more about what our parlagel service offers.


Depositions make or break a case and have a huge impact on liability exposure for your company. The deposition is one of the most important events that happens in a case. Summarizing deposition testimonies into crisp, concise, and accurate summaries is not an easy task and normally take long hours to do so. Deposition summaries are crafted by our efficient and reliable team of experienced legal paralegals who are known for their accuracy, reliability, and comprehensiveness. Get this service done efficiently by the experts here at Pro Paralegal Support Services.

Always Prepared


Knowledge & Experience

To settle your case, you must write a convincing demand letter. For a mediation conference, you must craft an appealing mediation brief. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to prove the liability and causation aspects of your claim. Your demand letter is the most important part of obtaining a fair settlement, so it pays to write it well.


Attention to Detail

Reviewing, summarizing, and organizing medical records takes hours and hours of labor and creates headaches for attorneys and staff. This task minimizes efficient use of staff resources. Outsourcing such assignments could cut unwarranted costs and overhead, and even increase profits. What really sets our services apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.


Expert Service

Discovery is the most important and most-consuming part of a lawsuit. Many attorneys and staff get overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork they must deal with when they file a lawsuit. Our staff has propounded discovery and responded to discovery on an indefinite number of cases. We are ready to utilize our experience and understanding of discovery and law and motion for the needs of each client.


  • Summons & Complaint / Claim for Small Claims Court

  • Demands

  • Answer to Complaint

  • Service by Publication

  • Case Management Statements

  • Request for Entry of Default

  • Judgments

  • Petition for Minor's Compromise

  • Deposition Notices

  • Law & Motion

  • Legal Research

  • 998 Offer to Compromise

  • Subpoena Duces Tecum

  • Trial Prep

  • Jury Instructions

  • And Many More Services

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